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Keith and Sanna Luker are prophetic psalmist revivalists who are chasing God as hard as they can and are completely desperate for the Presence and Glory of God at all costs! They are the founders of FreeWind, a prophetic worship ministry dedicated to seeing the tabernacle of David restored in this generation. Since 1981 they have been teaching and leading congregations and worship teams around the world to listen for the sounds and songs of heaven, encouraging worshippers to join them in intimate musical communion with God. Having pioneered a school of worship training worshippers and artists to flow in the prophetic stream, the Lukers have been in the ministry as worship leaders, missionaries, church planters, and pastors for more than 30 years. Keith and Sanna have a deep love for the Holy Spirit and His beautiful ministry of power that comes through worship, teaching, and the laying on of hands. Both raised as preacher’s kids, they love the church and long to see the people of God energized, equipped, and rejuvenated in their personal and corporate worship. They are graduates of the Northeast School of Biblical Studies in Clifton Park, New York. Since 1989 they have recorded 7 albums of their music and have produced more than a dozen projects for other artists. They live in Redding, CA, with their son John Samuel and their daughters, MaCasilyn Rose and Lacy Anna Justice, who they are trying to raise in the ways of the Spirit.
email: keith@PropheticWorshipRadio.net

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PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW WE MAY SERVE YOU, YOUR SMALL GROUP, CHURCH OR CONFERENCE THIS YEAR! The presence and POWER of God has been steadily increasing in our meetings in the past few years!

love, Keith

Here is the information you requested on us and our ministry. We LOVE the
presence of God at all costs, and our wheel house of gifting is revival and
prophetic worship. See our YouTube channel below for some video clips from
our SHATTER! festival that we hosted with Kevin Prosch and many other wonderful prophetic worship leaders and speakers. It was broadcast on
GOD.TV. Also see below some endorsements from some of our good friends.

Our spiritual papa is Jack Taylor.

Please let us know if there is any way that we can serve you and your

love and blessings,
Keith Luker
817-583-0098 cell (text me any time!)


Rich Oliver
Senior Pastor, The Family Church, Roseville, CA www.riverlife.net
I am going to introduce you to a dear friend of mine and our fellowship.
My Friend I want to introduce to you is Keith Luker, a Revivalist and
Worship leader and Psalmist of the most WONDERFUL AND KINGDOM kind.
· We have hosted Keith many times and find that he;
· Will encourage you and your leadership team in a wonderful way.
· Will lift up the Lord and stir and encourage your fellowship.
· Will help you to accomplish the Kingdom commission you have for
your city and region.
· Will lead your folks into wonderful, powerful worship.
· Will totally honor you and the values of your house.
I personally vouch for Keith and his ministry and back that up by the fact
that I continue to bring him in to minister to and with the fellowship I
love and pastor. And that is the reason I am asking you this favor-try
bringing Keith into your fellowship for a service or special night or event.
I promise you-he is a resource to this area that you will want to have over

Rich Oliver

Kevin Dedmon, Bethel Church, Redding, CA www.ibethel.org
Keith is very transparent and easy to get to know. More importantly, I have
observed how his wife and children love him - for me, that speaks louder
than words. I have had the opportunity of ministering with Keith. He
exudes a sensitivity to the Spirit, as well as cultivating a Spirit-filled
atmosphere. He is a modern-day psalmist and revivalist who will bring
Heaven to earth in the way in which he ministers. I know that he will bless
you in the same way that he has blessed me in our friendship.

Kevin Dedmon, Author
Firestarters (Bethel Church, Redding, CA)
The Ultimate Treasure Hunt: A Guide to Supernatural Evangelism through
Supernatural Encounters
Unlocking Heaven: Keys to Living Naturally Supernatural

Jack Taylor – Dimensions Ministries - "Keith and Sanna Luker are not only on the cutting edge, they are over the edge. I am glad to recommend them to your church, and I know good and well
they will 'blow it all to heaven'. I know of no ministry on earth more
decidedly "Kingdom" than that of Keith and Sanna Luker. Not only must we
have an anointed declaration of the message of the Kingdom of God for the
church today, we must have a presentation of the Kingdom Culture through
music, praise and radical worship. This ministry possesses what is needed
for the Kingdom message. Keith and Sanna are my spiritual son and
- Jack Taylor

Wendell McGowan - Apostolic Prophetic Revivalist, Las Vegas, NV
Keith is a gift of worship and encouragement for any church group or
gathering. Keith was on our staff in the 90's and was a great blessing to
our team. In the years since, he has grown even more and carries the
presence of the Lord whenever he leads worship or just enters the room. I
would highly recommend him and if you have any questions feel free to email me at firewind5@aol.com.

Wendell McGowan

Matthew Oliver - Sr. Pastor - The Family - Roseville, CA www.riverlife.net
Keith and Sanna Luker are a dynamite team, bringing with them a powerful,
prophetic encounter. We have had such a blowout, time and again with them.
Their sincerity and transparency with the Holy Ghost brings a true intimacy.
They move in such a freedom of the Spirit in both Word and worship. I would
recomend that every fellowship that longs for refreshing and freedom to
break out, have Keith and Sanna in.

Chip Payne - Assoc. Pastor - Harvest Renewal Church - Richmond, VA
I am writing to offer my full recommendation of Keith Luker to you and your
organization. Keith offers significant experience not only pastorally, but
also as a seasoned worship leader. I believe what he offers is more than
just experience. It is evident by the fruit that follows him that he is a
passionate lover of Jesus and he is a bridge builder to help others connect
intimately with the Father. Keith changes the atmosphere around him
because he walks in such intimacy with Holy Spirit. Keith invites others to
taste and see that the Lord is Good and to help develop a culture that will
draw others into a lifestyle of intimacy with the Lord. Additionally, the
power of God that comes is a significant part of the fruit of Keith's
ministry. Many of our leaders, myself included, were touched, ministered to
and transformed by the love and power of Holy Spirit. If you and your team
are seeking to pursue a lifestyle of revival, then I highly encourage you to
consider Keith. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me
directly at 804.503.0251 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 804.503.0251 end_of_the_skype_highlighting .

Charles E. Payne, Jr. MHA (Chip)
Associate Pastor
Harvest Renewal Church
Richmond, VA

Phil Mason - New Earth Tribe, Byron Bay, Austrailia
Keith and Sanna Luker are great friends of ours. They have such a passion
for worship that it is infectious. Some things are better caught than
taught and hanging out with these guys carries a real impartation for
vertical worship that is edgy and experimental. They visited our community
and everyone automatically fell in love with them. Their heart for extended
prophetic worship and innovative sounds left a lasting impact upon everyone
in our tribe. I would strongly recommend them to come and share their heart
for worship with your church. They carry an impartation for a deeper
experience of the glory realm of God.
Phil Mason, Spiritual Director, New Earth tribe, Byron Bay, Australia
www.newearthtribe.com , www.philmason.org

Daniel Black - His House Fellowship, McArthur, CA
Keith Luker is someone with a unique ability to lead people beyond the
motions of worship into a literal face to face encounter with Jesus. His
message not only is faith building , his heartbeat for the greater things of
the Spirit is inspiring. When Keith comes, people soar.
- Daniel Black Grace Like A River Ministries, His House Fellowship

Kevin Klient - Elijah List
"Something that has always impressed me about Keith and Sanna's worship is
their ability to reach into the 'Wild Side' of the Holy Spirit. 'Deep Calls'
is no exception ... I will guarantee you this... you cannot find another CD
like this one out there today!"
"As I listened, I couldn't help but think of their AWESOME CD 'When God is
in the House'. There's a definite intercessory 'PULL' to this one... the
Spirit beckoning 'Come Deeper Still'."

- Kevin Kleint, Praying-for-Hollywood.com, ElijahList.com (web master),

Jacqui Dunham
I've received the CD "Deep Calls"... I was waiting till today to listen to
it uninterrupted. Unfortunately, I woke up today with sinitus. If you've
ever experienced sinitus, you feel like your head is ready to burst. I
decided to lay on the couch and just listen to Deep Calls, rather than
participate actively as I usually do with your CD's. I'd say about a half
hour later I was up and active, actually thinking clearly! I know better
than to think that a CD has healing power. No, but the worship that you
usher in is what frees one to experience healing from the Lord. Thank you
for that. Thank you again for making available your spirit-led worship. My
favorite has always been Cloud By Day, but I'll keep listening to Deep
Calls. You've totally filled up our 5 disk changer!! Praise God! - Jacqui

Kevin Prosch kevinprosch.com
"Cloud by Day has been in my CD player for some time now and it seems it's
one of those pieces of music that never gets old. It's prophetic, it's
revelatory, and even more it's inspiring!"
- Kevin Prosch

Stacey Campbell
"The music and ministry of Keith and Sanna Luker is drenched with the real
presence of God. Their recording Cloud By Day, is a refreshing journey into
uncharted realms in the Spirit. I dearly love these two servants of God, not
only for their pure anointing and ability to lead God's people in worship,
but also for their incredible value for raising children in the temple of
the Lord. This music will transport you into the beautiful and glorious
realm of the Spirit and open windows of revelation for all listeners who
will journey with them. I highly recommend them as some of the finest
anointed worship leaders and prophetic psalmists who stand by day and by
night in the house of the Lord!"
- Stacey Campbell

John Paul Jackson
Streams Ministries
"Cloud by Day is more than worship; it is the impassioned expression of a
love affair between man and God. As such, the expressions used are the most
intimate, explosive, and alluring one can imagine. Seldom do we find the
poignancy of lyrics and the beauty of melodic flow so well matched as in
Cloud by Day. I have played it over and over again on my CD player and wept
each time."
"I have known Keith and Sanna for many years and have found them to be of
the highest integrity and character. Their ability to follow the direction
of the Holy Spirit in worship is unsurpassed in my experience. I have
watched them dozens of times leave their carefully laid out plans to follow
the leading of the Holy Spirit. They are also unusually competent to train
and equip others to follow the leading of the Spirit. I highly recommend
them to anyone wanting to wanting to experience or be trained in the deeper
levels of worship in the Spirit."
- John Paul Jackson

John Belt
Live In His Presence Ministries
"This CD is filled with free spontaneous prophetic flow and intimate passion
and pursuit of the Lord! There is an anointing on this CD to take you on a
journey in the Spirit. I highly recommend finding a good piece of carpet,
slipping on the CD and entering into this worship experience that takes you
to the throne! It will call your spirit into a place of deep waters, into a
place of wonder and peace where you can receive the Father's heartbeat in
the depths of devotion."
- John Belt

JoAnn McFatter
"...the most free I've ever been in worship."

Wesley Campbell
"HOT! HOT! HOT! This is sooooo good. I love it! I have known Keith and Sanna
Luker personally since 1996. They are Directors of Music in the true
Biblical sense. They are pioneers in prophetic worship and the spontaneous
song of the Lord, restoring to the church today the ancient practice of
singing the scriptures and prophesying in song. Cloud By Day is Keith and
Sanna's newest prophetic worship CD with JoAnn McFatter and captures
intensely beautiful melodies and sounds as the musicians prophesy and the
singers listen and then sing the songs of heaven. This recording will lead
you into new territory in the Spirit."
- Wesley Campbell

Steve Shultz
The Elijah List
Breaking Christian News
Steve Shultz of The Elijah List, and Breaking Christian News calls Keith
Luker's "Fire by Night" and "Cloud by Day" ... "THE BEST OF THE BEST"
"For those of you who LOVE to Worship God and SOAK in His presence, these
CDs will thrill and bless you. Keith and Sanna Luker along with Joann
McFatter have captured a unique ability to run after the Lord musically in a
spontaneous, refreshing, and anointed way! Keith even told us that, although
there were only the three of them singing and playing, there are actually
times when the listener will hear many more voices and instruments than were
present ... how heavenly is that?!!"
- Steve Shultz

John G. Elliott
John G. Elliott Music
(Dove Award Winning Producer, Songwriter and Worship Leader)
"Keith and Sanna Luker have long been numbered among the finest of worship
leaders in this country and beyond. Their heart for God is more than obvious
and their enthusiasm and desire for His Presence is contagious. They have
always demonstrated a willingness to stretch beyond the norm and venture
into new realms of faith and spiritual experience."
- John G. Elliott

Patricia King
Extreme Prophetic
"Have you ever wanted to be captured by a capsule of truth? ...or drawn into
realms of enlightenment deeper than your spirit has ever touched or
experienced before? Cloud by Day took me in...where?...to a place of
intimacy...a place of adoration...a place of true wisdom...a place of
abandonment. Why not enter the experience...enter the Cloud!
Cloud by Day is truly a fresh and cutting edge expression of worship. The
prophetic anointing that saturates this work will indeed call you into
deeper and higher realms of worship. Immerse yourself in the Cloud - I did!"
- Patricia King

Don Finto
The Caleb Company
"Our generation is learning that worship is more than singing well-crafted
songs. Keith and Sanna and their team bring us another effective clarion
call before the throne. Try this CD at a time without distractions so that
you can allow yourself to go with abandonment into the Presence of the Lord.
Then listen and respond to His voice. "I am happy to recommend to you the
ministry of Keith and Sanna Luker. I have been with them on a number of
occasions and observed their ministry and their lives. This is a couple who
is under authority and who walk in the authority of the Lord. They are
gifted worship leaders and have a particular passion to call this generation
to radical worship and discipleship. They have been used in a strong way
here in Nashville, Tennessee, urging, leading, speaking prophetically into
the lives of young and old, calling believers to keep their hearts attune to
the Father. Keith and Sanna have served well one of the congregations with
whom I am closely connected."
- Don Finto

Kevin Kleint
"That's right! I'm talking about something TRULY spontaneous! I'm going to
be transparent with you here. When I heard Keith & Sanna Luker's CD When God
is in the House, I realized that a "religious spirit" that I thought was
defeated in my life still had the ability to affect me. Little traces of
judgmentalism (that I've repented for since) crept up and started voicing
opinions in my mind. This music was truly beyond me! It was "other-worldly".
While I was pondering all of these thoughts, God interrupted me with a
strong voice, "Your mind is not meant to understand this. This is food for
the spirit ... My music that will lead you to the heavenly realm." After
repenting profusely, I listened intently and could recognize what God was
talking about.
A few days later, my wife (who has only heard the one minute samples) said
to me, "it's like being transferred to the second and third heavens!"
Without a doubt, the spontaneity of Keith & Sanna Luker's CD will challenge
you .... but if you can receive it for what it is ... Heaven's Music ....
it'll transport you....Without a Doubt! Absolutely Loving It!"
- Kevin Kleint, Praying-for-Hollywood.com and Ethereal Vibe

Ben Pasley
(Enter The Worship Circle Founder)
Enter the Worship Circle
100 Portraits
Blue Renaissance
"Keith and Sanna are genuine people with a genuine love for people. If you
are looking for music that is full of improvisation, loose conversation, and
an unapologetic love for Jesus, then you have found it in the Luker's music!
Check it out!"
-Ben Pasley

Aimee Herd
THE WELL Network
Having worked in radio and specifically 'Worship-oriented' radio for nearing
20 years now, I have heard a lot of music, and many worship CD's have
crossed my desk. Out of the plethora of styles and sounds there have been
several that have grabbed my ears immediately -- and more importantly -- my
"Standing out even further are the CD's by Keith and Sanna Luker. Daring to
go to unrehearsed and unrestricted 'secret places' in worshipping God, the
Lukers, joined more recently by JoAnn McFatter, seem to be blessed with a
gift of drawing-in the listener to a genuine time of intimacy with the Lord.
"Knowing this, I found myself looking forward to their latest live worship
recording; 'Fire by Night,' like I would an exciting journey. And indeed, it
is all that and more! 'Fire by Night' is an album to 'soak' by, with which
to catch the winds of Heaven and ride for a while. For those looking for a
fresh dip in the River, I highly recommend both 'Cloud by Day' and 'Fire by
Night.' Listen and see if YOU don't take a little journey with the Lord!"
-Aimee Herd

Steve Fish
Convergence Church and School, Fort Worth, TX
"Keith and Sanna Luker are a breath of fresh air. Their ministry carries a
radical edge that is truly refreshing. The prophetic breakthrough anointing
on them has been a powerful kingdom force in our city and in many other
places. I greatly appreciate the integrity and character that I've seen
exhibited in the Luker's lives through the years."
- Steve Fish, Senior Pastor, Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Ken Blue
(Author of "Authority to Heal")
"The Lukers provide the church with good music and a Spirit empowered way to
connect with God in their worship. Their songs honor The Triune God of grace
while making him accessible to us at thinking and emotional levels. Anything
that provides me an atmosphere to experience the closeness of God is
something I can endorse. Therefore, I gladly endorse their music."
- Dr. Ken Blue

Scott Brenner
"I've had the privilege of knowing Keith and Sanna for a number of years,
and have always been blessed by our times of worship together. Their passion
for worshiping God is both innovative and dynamic. They have a gift for
welcoming others to join them in their free, passionate, uninhibited love
for Jesus."
- Scott Brenner

Will Ford
(Co-Author of "History Makers" with Dutch Sheets, The Kettle Tour, The Call,
Prophetic Intercessor)
Hilkiah Ministries
"Keith and Sanna are pioneers in prophetic worship, and have collaborated
with some of the best over the years. They are some of the most passionate
and tender people I know. Keith and Sanna are among the 'burning ones' that
are in it for the long haul ... and two of my dearest friends."
- Will Ford

Michelle Patterson
Enter the Worship Circle (Third Circle)
"Keith and Sanna are an experience in honesty and flow. To worship with them
is an adventure in how deep you are ready to go. Their organic, rootsy sound
pulls you in and before you know it, you are shouting the awesome
spontaneous song that just poured out of Sanna. They are sensitive leaders
and talented writers as well. Some of my sweetest moments in worship have
happened under their leadership. What a giant blessing to the body they
- Michelle Patterson

Scott Beard
Pastor, Fountain Gate Fellowship, Abilene, TX
"We've known the Lukers for many years and have a great deal of confidence
and trust in their anointing as worship leaders. Their willingness to come
and bring their entire team on a love offering basis tells me that they have
truly put their faith & trust in the Lord to meet their needs. We truly love
their hearts.
Our conference with the Luker's was a huge success with different
individuals from other churches in our city coming to learn and grow more in
the area of worship. I believe that we are in the midst of a worship
renewal. As a worship leader myself I recognize true worshippers and the
Lukers and their team are just that. We received more than just good
teaching, we received an impartation from the Lukers and their team.
Therefore, I would like to recommend this ministry to you. If you're wanting
to move ahead in the area of worship and the arts -- I would highly
encourage you to contact this ministry and have them come and do a similar
conference for your area."
-Scott Beard

Jeff McLeod
Worship Leader, Recording Artist, Prophetic Psalmist
"There is worship that is spontaneous and there is worship that is
prophetic. Sometimes, like on Cloud By Day, the two become one and the
result is an amalgamation of Spirit and Word that transcends the typical
worship encounter. Keith and Sanna Luker, FreeWind, and Joann McFatter have
demonstrated that when humble and skilled Levites assemble as one to hear
the heart of Father God in a meeting, it reaches beyond that gathering and
becomes something too large to be contained. Cloud By Day, I believe is a
demonstration of that truth. This music will move you and it will cause you
to move. It will beckon you to be still and rest under the cloud of God's
glory, and it will stir you to move when the cloud moves. This CD is truly a
sound from heaven, so enjoy it and pass the word, because more people need
to hear music like this. I can hardly wait to hear its' sequel 'Fire By
- Jeff McLeod

Jamey Miller
Pastor, Christ Fellowship
"I am writing this letter to recommend the ministry of Keith & Sanna Luker
to you. "It has been my joy to watch Keith and Sanna Luker's ministry grow
and mature over the past few years. I've personally known them and have been
extremely blessed to know them. They were members of Christ Fellowship and
have been connected with the church here for years serving as worship
leaders about once per month and also at special events. They have played a
critical role in the development of worship and praise at Christ Fellowship.
They are people of vision and passion. They are full of love for Christ and
His Church and truly want to see the church be the church. They have a heart
to serve God's purpose in this generation. They are strong in the Word of
From a ministry standpoint, several things stand out in my mind as
strengths. They know how to lead people in worship. They know how to lead
people into new types of worship. They are sensitive to what God is doing at
a particular moment. They are submissive to leadership. They have a strong
portfolio of CD's and recordings. They also have been involved with numerous
conferences and larger events over the past few years.
As their pastor and friend I recommend them to you with the highest
recommendation possible. I see the life of Christ in them both. I believe
you will be blessed as they partner with you in ministry!"
- Jamey Miller

Byron Easterling
BHH, Inc.
"I've pondered the question; Who are Keith and Sanna Luker? Are they great
worship leaders, yes but that's not a full definition. Then let's say
spontaneity, well there we are again it's just so limiting. So I ask the
question; What really boils in their veins? Answer: God! Not worship, not
music but God and his power there in. If you want to fuel
your love for Jesus go hang out with the Lukers."
- Byron Easterling (Prophetic Strategist)

Steve and Tonya Hansen, Jerusalem, Israel
Succat Hallel (Tabernacle of Praise)
"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your openness to the
Holy Spirit to pioneer the sound of heaven in the earth. You can truly tell
that you all waited on the Lord to hear what He was saying and what sounds
were coming forth from heaven, to be released in the earth. At the time of
your new CD series being released, we in Jerusalem, just rented a new main
building and went 24/7 with the house of prayer. Our main theme coming forth
was songs about "Cloud by Day & a Fire by Night". When we saw your new CD's
we knew we had to get them to use in the night watch.
"We don't have enough musicians yet in the Night Watch and lead worship and
intercession from CD's. So, we are always looking for what the Lord is
saying in new worship CD's to release that fresh sound of the Lord's voice
in worship. When we came across yours we knew this was it. Last night we
played "Cloud by Day" over and over. The mix of songs was perfect. The theme
was "Better is One Day" and our focus was Psalm 24:7. We all just dove right
in with the CD. It was as if you all were there with us!!!! Thank you so
much for your ministry and your hearts ever pressing into the Lord to hear
and follow, and then to release what He is saying into the earth!!!
"May the song and sound of heaven continue to kiss earth through your
hearts, ministry and music! We also have been using your other CD's as well
and they are all so easy to just dive in with. Blessings from Zion!!!!! Know
that you have a voice in worship in Jerusalem!!! Thanks for standing with
- Steve and Tonya Hansen, Night Watch Directors, Jerusalem, ISRAEL

J. R. Smith
National Day of Prayer Texas State Coordinator
"There is a special anointing of the Holy Spirit that can only be discovered
through living a lifestyle dedicated to the Lord and His purpose and Keith
and Sanna stay bathed in it. They share a purity of love and worship that
keeps them resting in the Spirit and running on the cutting edge of
prophetic ministry. Their music causes you to jump deep in the middle of the
river of the Spirit and flow. It has a very drawing anointing on it, in an
underground kind of way, which draws both young and old to new places of
discovery and life. I encourage anyone ready to get in the river and swim to
purchase their CD's or invite the Lukers to come lead and teach worship at
your gathering."
- J.R. Smith

Jason Williams
Longview Metro Church
"In a time where 'worship music' is in-style it's refreshing to have true
worshipers like the Lukers, who are not confined to a song list or the way
even 'contemporary worship' is supposed to be done. Keith and Sanna are
truly led by The Spirit which is not as common as it should be. It is so
refreshing to have leaders who won't allow religion to keep them from
getting lost in presence of God. The Lukers have a special ability to lead
multi-generations into the Throne Room. Keith and Sanna have a freedom in
their worship that really draws young people to soak in God's presence."
- Jason Williams, Youth Pastor

Lance Armstrong
"Your music is like a stream flowing over me and softening the hardened soil
from the past 1 ½ years."
- Lance Armstrong

Judy, Sri Lanka Missionary
World Vision Tsunami Response
Dear Keith and Sanna
I recently bought your CD "Fire By Night" and I am absolutely astounded at
this wonderful new level of worship and the thrilling, exciting promise of a
closer intimacy with God.
My husband and I sat up late one night and listened to this CD. We were
taken to places we had never been before in the Spirit and were both weeping
as we journeyed behind the veil. What a fantastic experience! We both
thought we understood worship In Spirit and Truth before, but now we see
there is a whole new level waiting for us to explore.
Thank you for blessing us. Warm regards and may God continue to bless you.
- Judy

Jeff Tyler
Night Watch Ministries
"If there ever was a recording led by Holy Spirit, it is 'Cloud By Day'.
This collaboration between Keith and Sanna Luker, FreeWind, and JoAnn
McFatter is awesome! We already play all of their recordings on worldwide
worship radio, www.TheNightWatch.com , but this is an upgrade over previous
recordings. While the worship is intense, deep, and life-altering, there is
also a sense of playing freely before the Father. There is almost a humor
and tremendous joy brought forth while one listens. You will know what I
mean when you hear 'Marshmellow'. Just the title brings joy in the presence
of Holy Spirit. We highly recommend and endorse 'Cloud By Day' and all
worship music by Keith and Sanna Luker.
"It is our great honor to expose their worship, which exposes their hearts,
to the whole Earth. We will continue to air their prophetic praise and
worship now and always on The Night Watch, and we stand with them publicly
declaring Jesus is Lord, period, and He is truly worthy of our praise! Thank
you Keith! Thank you Sanna! Thank you FreeWind, Thank you JoAnn! You are
awesome gifts to the Body and to the Lord in this generation. Thank for all
you CDs and for 'Cloud By Day'. Thank you so much!"
- Jeff Tyler, Founder