Deep Calls - CD

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DEEP CALLS – Keith & Sanna Luker with Kevin Prosch

Experience the passion and beauty of the new sound on this astonishingly powerful live prophetic worship recording from Keith & Sanna Luker and Kevin Prosch.

The presence and power of God so filled the room on August 18 during the recording of this live worship CD, that many people were catapulted into heavenly visions and young and old alike experienced the tangible manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power.

Join us as we venture in the deep realms of God. Deep is calling unto deep!

From the opening resonating tones of the prayer bowls, to the indigenous call to worship featuring the didgeridoo, the bull roarer (Voice of God), shofar, earthy sounds from nature, and electric guitars, this CD is a symphony of synergy and creative color and textures that will blow your mind. Leaving the conventional behind, DEEP CALLS thrusts the worshipper into an intense Holy Spirit psychedelic trip that will thrill fellow adventurers young and old. Keith and Sanna Luker, along with Kevin Prosch create a wonderful palette of new sounds as their musical and spiritual anointings blend and swirl in a beautiful hurricane of sonic delight. Odes of the Spirit flow freely from their lips as each in turn sing and play the very songs of heaven.

Keith and Sanna Luker with Kevin Prosch in Deep Calls have produced an eclectic mix of ambient-style prophetic worship that is an edgy, intense follow up to their previous best selling releases Cloud By Day and Fire By Night. As the title indicates, this album is full of deep resonating sounds that seem to give voice to the unutterable “Spirit groans” of intercession. The album opens as though being suddenly dropped into another realm and it doesn’t let up. It would be very difficult to come away from this album unchanged. The movements throughout are blanketed with haunting vocals and unusual vibes of instrumentation. There is the distant echoing sound of one of the Lukers’ children chanting “More rain Lord, heavier, Lord…more rain Lord…heavier Lord” that sends chills up your spine. As I listened to this, I envisioned the sounds that were emanating as more than worship, but rather sonic waves of spiritual warfare that had power to demolish strongholds and cause demons to manifest and flee. Keith and Sanna produce sounds that are like flashing swords in the spiritual realm. The experience will indeed take you into deep, unexplored cavernous places in the Manifold Spirit of God, like the depths of the ocean. Just as the swimming becomes very heavy and the glory almost too intense, there is a lift in the music with Kevin Prosch’s introduction mid-way in the album. Kevin brings a shift in the atmosphere that moves the listener from meditation to euphoria. All-together, a well-produced album that is almost completely spontaneous, drenched and oozing with Spirit-anointed sounds, and quite capable of ushering one from the spirit of worship into the realm of glory and breakthrough.

- Matthew Smith