The River Is Rising by Keith and Sanna Luker

The River Is Rising by Keith and Sanna Luker


Vintage Worship Collection

1 - Let's Worship

2 - True Love

3 - The Blood Of Jesus

4 - Descend on Us

This recording packs a powerful punch. It was recorded during ministry time at a Holy Spirit conference with Jack Deere and Don Finto. There are two extended prophetic songs by Sanna that are some of the best we have ever done live. Her epic inner healing chant "The Blood Of Jesus" is absolutely riveting as Sanna's anointed voice washes over and over the listener with waves of God's love and healing anointing. Her haunting call to the Holy Spirit, "Descend On Us", is a song that Sanna wrote in 1990 when we were freshly filled with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit told us at that time, that if we would reserve this song ONLY for times when the Holy Spirit TELLS US to sing it, that He would always come. This live prophetic version of "Descend On Us" is NO EXCEPTION. Sanna and I hope you enjoy His presence as you worship with us!